tool description

The aim of an offering map is to describe in a synthetic way what the service offers to its users. There is not a standard format for this tool: the offering could be described by words or could be illustrated by images, but most frequently it is visualized through a graph.
This instrument could support the elaboration of the service idea as well the development of some specific solutions, it could be a tool for the implementation of the concept but also for the communication of the service to the final user. In each one of these situations, the offering map will assume different configurations and languages with reference to the specific aims and receivers involved.

(2004) Sangiorgi, Daniela, Il Design dei Servizi come Design dei Sistemi di Attività: la Teoria dell’attività Applicata alla Progettazione dei Servizi, tesi di dottorato di ricerca in Disegno Industriale, tutor Giuliano Simonelli, relatore Elena Pacenti, co-relatore Stefano Maffei, Politecnico di Milano.


Domus Academy Research Center

In 1996 the municipality of Peccioli decides to start a project for improving the services of assistance and entertainment for its older citizens.
The design team uses this sketch to describe the performances that the new Services Centre might offer. The graph uses the color and the positions of the elements to show how the services are organized around four macro-areas of activities.


DARC, Domus Academy Research & Consulting

This representation is part of a project for a new children center in the Municipality of Lodi. While designing the architecture of the place, the problem of which performances the center will offer to the citizens emerged and affected the architectural concept too. The map represent what the center will offer, locates the performances in different areas of the center and describes the kind of users will take advantages from those performances.