tool description

The character profiles is a tool for the creation of a shared knowledge about the service users inside the team. In order to build these character profiles it’s required the identification of some significant fictitious characters and then the collecting of an image and a textual description for each one of them.
The character profiles offer a clear and visible picture of the different kinds of users that are the centre of the design activities.



Pinak Parekh, Nicholas Wallen, Ling Yang (Domus Academy Master Course)

In the first phase of the workshop V-tail, the students were asked to explore some specific retail experiences. They spent some time inside the selected shops, observing the users and their attitudes in order to identify significant character profiles.
Some empty profiles were given them as tool for supporting the analysis.
The students could characterize the appearance of these profiles by adding hand-drawn details and chose their fictitious names in order to point out the most interesting feature of each character. They finally had to specify what kind of physical objects these characters use to interact with inside the shops and what kind of objects they use to bring with themselves.
All these aspects allowed getting a synthetic picture of each character profile and to immediately get some opportunities related to their behaviours, attitudes and peculiarities.


Sean Blair (Spirit of Creation), Stafan Moritz

Character profiles have been prepared for the workshop as a start and client reference point: four fictional characters have been created to represent target stereotypes for the new business support service.
Those character profiles helped setting a framework for the kind of people that should be addressed through the new service. They also provided the possibility to check insights, ideas, criteria and concepts against the profile by asking probing questions such as “What would Norman think about that?”.
Each profile consisted of a big image of the character itself with the indication of the name and a description of the person and the business he is working on through very basic information.