tool description

The storytelling supports the exploration of the service idea. Through the use of simple words, the teller will illustrate the solution as it is a story. This allows the communication of the idea inside a group but also the preparation of the first sketches for the storyboard.
The storytelling leave some blanks to be fill in by the suggestions of other stakeholders and users.

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David Chiu, David Hilhrost

RentAThing is a Reputation Management Service which enables negotiation for access by addressing risk. The tool provides additional information about the reputation of the parties involved and enables smoother transactions: instead of silos of reputation, with various services, companies, and individuals developing isolated reputations, it gives a centralized means of managing and developing a single reputation.
The designers realized these wonderful sequences of pictures in order to describe some possible scenarios and show how the service could work. They invented different characters –extremely improbable characters- and put them in the scene through the use of Playmobil puppets. The use of this visual language, together with the choice of the strange characters and plots, create an ironic storytelling that supports very well the narration, stressing the most relevant aspects of their concept in a simple and effective way.


Marco Zamarato

Marco Zammarato had the idea of the workshop Narrative Design - designing through stories (IUAV) after having observed that storytelling is frequently used as a communication tool through the design process but not really as a creative tool. To achieve a deeper comprehension of narrative and use it in a creative way, he developed a kit that helps designer in building stories. Once the designers identify the characters and the basic elements of the plot following the format given by the kit, it’s time to enrich the stories moving them into narrative structures, one of the most challenging aspects of storytelling.